Cal’hern: World of War

I have been observing Cal’hern for nearly two decades.  It is a fascinating world populated by countless races, some magical and some not.  There are four powerful races that have directed the main flow of history. Each race has distinct personalities and tendencies, and all of them hold the ingrained opinion that Cal’hern belongs to them.

When I first traveled among them, I was amazed that Cal’hern was not constantly torn with war, and I found that historically it has been. Every millennium or two, the four races will face off in a war that reaches every corner of the continent. These wars are called the Great Wars, or occasionally the Magick Wars.

One of these Great Wars started about eleven years ago. I was of course forced to leave when the fighting started, so as not to risk “corrupting the younger cultures” by taking sides. (According to the World Jumper Rules and Ethics, WJRE, no jumper is allowed to interfere in the politics, economics, or religion of a non-jumper planet. This way they can develop naturally—by making all the same mistakes we did.) I was able to ask several of my sources among the Cal’hern to keep a log of what happens and send notes to me, and I am putting together a record of events.

The story begins in Grenelbane’s Legacy.