The purpose of this blog is to report my discoveries and experiences on the various worlds that I have explored—and also to record their history and culture. I hope that, when the government sends official emissaries to these worlds—as I believe to be inevitable despite their current hesitation—that these representatives of our own great land will be able to speak intelligently and avoid the most common pitfalls, having familiarized themselves with the people’s customs by reading my research.

About Myself

Even as a young girl, I loved reading about other worlds and all the wonderful adventures that people have on them. Book knowledge can never match actual experience, though. You never realize just how big a dragon is until he starts contemplating you as his next meal. So I decided that I would grow up to be an explorer as well. I studied the magics and sciences, taking note of the research of such great explorers as JRR Tolkien, Patricia Wrede, and Timothy Zahn. For the more refined accomplishments, I turned to Jane Austen—surviving the wilderness is meaningless if the king hangs you by your toes in the courtyard because you do not hold your tea cup correctly.

I started exploring early on. By the time I turned twenty, I had already survived extended visits to as many as five or six worlds—at least two of which exploded into war during my visits—and intermingled with these were of course various shorter excursions and inter-planetary sightseeing trips.

I am currently recouping from my recent safari in the Mazonti Badlands, where a Drake Inferno attempted to maul me. He was not entirely unsuccessful, I am sorry to say. And so I have a wealth of time to put pen to page, figuratively speaking, and catch up on some much needed documentation.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Denise says:

    Hello! I’m getting ready to link to you on my blog, and I wanted to introduce you by “name” — but what is your name? Should I just call you Moonlight?

  2. jaypeabea says:

    WOW! You’re VERY creative. I wonder how old you are. My girls are only 8 and 10 and write a lot of stories. I love the unique names you’ve given to places and characters. Keep up the great work! (And thanks for sharing with the world)

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