Cal’hern: World of War

Cal’hern is a land torn between four powerful races. The tengu were the first to come, followed closely by the elves. Together those two races managed the continent, guiding the lesser races in relative peace, until a group of halflings and renegades broke off from the two, creating the drow. The drow believe it their duty not to oversee the land, but to rule it. The humans are the youngest race of power, but they have spread across the land like a wildfire, subduing its wildernesses.

Every few thousand years, these races war over ownership of the land in an age-old grab for power and dominance. They all believe they know best how the land should be governed.

The cycle is about to repeat itself.


Humans are a splintered race who often fight amongst themselves. Now, the Magnolonian king is about to die, and their prince has disappeared leaving the country without an heir. Wizard Dracowne is keeping the kingdom in order, though. He has the armies guarding the Laotus border against invasion and hunting bandits in the northern forests. But the real danger is closer to home.


In the south, the drow are rousing from their thousand-year slumber.  This time they are determined to win, even if it means destroying their past brethren completely. They can smell the humans’ weakness, and they intend to use it. There is one drow, however, who is more interested in repaying a past insult than winning a world for the future.


In the north, tengu blood runs hot every time the scent of war is in the air, and the scent is never stronger than when the drow are moving. But the tengu must choose how and why they will fight the upcoming war. Will they side with past allies and honor forgotten treaties? Or this time, will they choose to reclaim their former lands and glory?


They are a dying race. The elves have always known this. They fled their old homeland in an attempt to escape that destiny, and for a while they flourished on Cal’hern, but as the humans multiplied, the elves dwindled. Some of the oldest are ready now to simply, peacefully fade from the world. Lady Ambrosine must choose for her people whether they will join the fight this time, or if it is even their concern who wins. The youngsters are not yet prepared to abandon this land or those living in it, but if they fight, their race will surely perish. The elven race never lived for violence. Why should it end so?

The Sixth Great War Begins…

As these four races battle for supremacy, the lives of individuals will be changed forever.

Grenelbane’s Legacy
An ancient sword, forged by the tengu, claims its next heir.

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