Hello world!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been exploring other worlds. I have strolled through the Pixy Woods, chased a pickpocket on Chaldor’s second moon, and discussed the role of wizards in the modern world over at the Nightingale Club. It has been quite a journey: sometimes simple joy, other times I did not know if I would ever see home again.

As much adventure as I have had exploring, however, I’ve decided that it is high time for me to start on the paperwork. After all, what good is an explorer if she keeps no record of her travels? If she barely escapes from the South Seas, it is only polite for her to warn others of the serpents there.

Besides, after losing my second mechanical arm to a Drake Inferno, my doctor insists that I take some R-and-R in the relative peace of the American Countryside.

So prepare yourself as I unfold facts and folktales brought to you straight from these distant lands.