Grenelbane’s Legacy


When soldiers find Penny Bidde in the barn with a group of rangers, Penny is forced to flee with Kaille Mirrone and his friends.  The rangers run for their home camp in Pixy Woods.  Along the way, they meet a missing prince, a long-lost love, and a band of pixies.

Zora Gundra has lived among the tengu for the last decade.  She has seen them becoming more restless as the tensions start building in the south.  The tengu council has declared that, until the humans come asking for help, the tengu will not involve themselves.  After all, it was the humans who asked them to leave the south all those centuries ago.

Zora would have happily stayed with the tengu.  She had left her race and their troubles behind her.  But then one of the ancients shows up with an enchanted sword…


The Tengu Decision

The Ancient’s Tale

Tavern Keeper’s Daughter

A Lost Prince

Ranger’s Camp

Council’s Decision

Kaille’s Mother


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